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Welcome to SMS Alert application. SMS Alert was built to solve 3 major problems in one simple, yet powerful application.

1. SMS Alert Allows someone to contact the user immediately even if phone is in silent mode (sound is OFF) User enters a key into the application, which he/she shares with family, friends and others. When someone sends a SMS with key in the message, phone actually rings even if it is in silent mode. This informs the user that SMS sender is trying to contact him immediately and there is an urgency requiring user’s immediate attention. This functionality can be useful when someone has phone in silent mode or is in a meeting and wants to attend only specific calls.

2. Phone acts like a pager If you are an IT person, engineer or anyone carrying a pager, this application can be very useful. You can enable your source application to send an SMS with certain text, which can be intercepted by SMS Alert using regular expressions and will ring your phone even if sound on phone is completely off. Using regular expressions, SMS/text filter can be added on the key edit field. Please see help section for more details on how to add regular expressions.

3. Finds the phone User can send an SMS with key in the message body. This will ring the phone even if it is in silent mode. This will help user find the phone.

All above scenarios can be handled with one simple application. Its simple and powerful.

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